command line to generate RESTful routes for express and mongoose resources

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import expressMongooseRestGenerator from '';



Express Mongoose Rest Generator, not a fancy name I know, but, it's a name. This is a package to generate API's endpoints based on folder structure defined.


Because I need it. I need to run a command and get base template. I'm following a specific convention so, it may not work for you. Sorry if you expect a fancy generator.

Folder structure

I'm using first level folder structure. That means no MVC. Instead I place model, middlewares to manage resource in a single folder.


emrg <resource> <Model>

emrg tasks Task
./tasks/task.js created
./tasks/create.js created
./tasks/index.js created
./tasks/update.js created
./tasks/list.js created
./tasks/show.js created
./tasks/remove.js created

How I use generated content?

// app.js
let app = express();

 * Require modules|routes|express applications and use their endpoints

// modules.js
 * Require modules and attach them to the application.
 * Basically set new routes for express or you can also mount new express apps
'use strict';

const tasks = require('./tasks');
const users = require('./users');

module.exports = app => {