Object-based controllers for Express framework

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Express OBC

Express is a server-side web application framework for NodeJS platform.

Express OBC is a collection of objects that provide easy-to-use higher-level API for handling requests in Express-based apps. OBC stands for object-based controllers. As the name suggests, these controllers are based on object-oriented design rather than functional/callback-based approach which is the default in Express.

Express OBC is still in early development, and as such it is not widely used. It currently implements only two basic controllers: base controller (or just 'controller') and template controller, which augments the base controller by providing methods for rendering views.


Express OBC can be installed using NPM:

npm install express-obc

Basic usage

Here is an example of a basic Express OBC controller.

var controller = require('express-obc').controller;
var myController = Object.create(controller);

myController.route = '/hello/:name.:ext';
myController.allowedMethods = ['get'];
myController.get = function () {


Now if we hit the /hello/foxbunny.json URL, we will receive a JSON response containing {"name": "foxbunny"}.


Documentation in markdown format can be found in the doc directory.

Reporting bugs

Please report all bugs to GitHub issue tracker.


Express OBC is published under the MIT license.