A Connect / Express compatible middleware for providing Basic http auth using PAM.

Usage no npm install needed!

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A simple BASIC authenticator for Node.js implemented as a connect (express) middleware that uses PAM for authentication. PAM-auth uses the Basic authentication method provided by http. If you aren't using https this is insecure because username/passwords are transported in cleartext.

This is useful for when you don't want to have to make a user system, but you want to limit access. With this module you can simply use your system user database to manage users.

Quick Start (Ubuntu)

  1. To interface with PAM we need a dev package: sudo apt-get install libpam0g-dev

  2. Install pam-auth with npm: npm install pam-auth (or add pam-auth to your package.json and 'npm install')

  3. 'use it!

var pam_auth = require('pam-auth');

Thats it!

More Detail

The interface: function pam_auth(realm, module)

Both arguments are optional. Realm defaults to "Login Required", and module defaults to 'passwd' for linux and 'chkpasswd' for macosx.