A semi-opinionated way to setup Express apps

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Some nice pants for your Express App to wear

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A semi-opinionated framework for setting up Express apps.


$ npm install --save express-pants


const createApp = require('express-pants')

const runApp = createApp((app, opts = {}) => {
  // Handle app errors
  app.on('error', console.error)

  // Load in your routes
  app.get('/', (req, res) => {
    res.send(`Hello ${opts.message}!`)

// Start the app
  port: 8080,
  message: 'World'
}).then(({ app, server }) => {
  const addr = server.address()
  // Log is a Pino logger
  app.get('log').info(`Server started at http://${app.get('host')}:${addr.port}`)

What does it do?

This package sets up common requirements for running an Express app in production with the goal of reducing boilerplate in your applications. Here is a list of some of those things:

  • Uses next gen Express (5.0.0-alpha.7 at the time of publishing this)
  • Express app settings
    • Remove x-powered-by header
    • Sets query string parsing to simple (faster, more secure, planned default for 5.0)
  • Set process title (nice for identifying your server process)
  • Catch, report and exit on uncaughtException and unhandledRejection
  • Handle and report server clientErrors
  • Parses JSON bodies
  • Parses cookies (off by default, turn on by passing options.parseCookies)
  • Helmet (turned off by default, but turn on with options.helmet)
  • Pino logging with pino-http