A package for creating a folder structure for nodejs/express application

Usage no npm install needed!

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express-project 🔥

Generate your express project folder structure in just a minute 🚀🚀

Install the package globally with this command

    npm i express-project -g

Just go to any folder and run this command

   express-project <project-name>

Replace project-name with your own project name

The folder structure looks like this:

|- project-name
    |- public
    |- log
    |- src
        |- controllers
        |- models
        |- routes
            |- helloRoute.js
        |- template
            |- views
            |- components
        |- utils
            |- AppError.js
            |- errorHandler.js
            |- writeToLog.js
    |- app.js
    |- .gitignore
    |- .env