Allows for loading resources from a filesystem structure matching the URI

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  import expressResourceful from '';



Load express routes (and params) automatically from a directory, where the path to each file corresponds to it's URL.


npm install express-resourceful


app script

var express = require('express');
var resourceful = require('express-resourceful');

var app = require('express');

resourceful(app, 'resources'); // runs synchronously

resources dir

path to resource url
index.js /
users/index.js /users
users/:user.js /users/:user
_params/user.js (param)

resource script

Each exported method that corresponds to an HTTP method will be added to the router/app.

exports.url = '/foo'; // *OPTIONAL* can be used to override the default url

exports.get = function (req, res) {
  // GET handler...
}; = function (req, res) {
  // POST handler...

param script

A single exported function can be used as a param handler. (where the param name is determined by the filename)

module.exports = function (req, res, next, id) {
  // param handler


resourceful(app, dir, [prefix])

Will scan the given dir (sychronously) for resource files and mount them to app. (which can either be a plain express app or an express.Router instance)

The optional prefix will be prepended onto the generated paths.

Any files found in the _params directory will be treated as param handlers.

NOTE: Resource files beginning with a : (ie: route params) will be mounted after static routes, to prevent a route like /users/new from being preempted by users/:user.