express middleware for hiding a website from the public

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Simple express middleware to hide a website behind a basic password entry form.

Hide the password entry form itself by ignoring requests unless they visit a specific pathname (optional).


$ npm install express-secretsite

Simple usage

app.use(require('express-secretsite')( {
    password: "thisIsMyPassword"
} ) );

Default options

password is just one of the options available. The options, and their default values, are explained below.

var defaultOptions =
     * When specified, the user must access this pathname in order to see the password entry page 
     * Set to null to disable this feature 
    entryPoint: "/unlock-access/",
    /* The password required to see the site */
    password: "guest",
    /* Optionally override the path used for loading the password form */
    passwordInputPagePath: path.resolve(__dirname, "..", "data", "passwordForm.html"),
    /* Optionally override the path used for loading the password confirmation page */
    passwordConfirmationPath: path.resolve(__dirname, "..", "data", "passwordConfirmation.html"),
    /* If set to true, will respond with a simple 403 message instead of simply ignoring requests */
    respondWith403: false,
     * If set, will use the header with the given name to get the IP address, instead of using the actual connection
     * Useful for connections coming through proxy servers
    ipHeader: null