URL rewriting middleware for Express.

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URL Alias module using redis

Express middleware for URL rewriting middleware by mapping using redis. The module is for example useful mapping SEO optimized url to some index based url, e.g.

/posts/hello-world -> /posts/16


You must install the express-urlalias middleware before any other middleware (or at least the router). This is because it modifies the value of req.url, and you want that to happen before any other middleware looks at the request.

var urlalias = require('express-urlalias');

var server = express.createServer();
server.configure(function() {

To allow the module support multiple sites in one redis server. User should specify the domain


To add a url alias

urlalias.add('/post/whatever-new-alias', '/post/1');

or callback with error

urlalias.add('/post/whatever-new-alias', '/post/1',
    function (err) {console.log(err);});

To delete a url alias


or callback with error

    function (err) {console.log(err);});

To check if the an alias already existed in database

    function (returnBoolean)

The module will handle query string of the url automatically. When url aliasing is found, the middleware with replace the req.url with new url and store the original req.url to req.urlRewritten


$ npm install express-urlalias


Copyright 2013 Water Lou

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