like scrot, but for EXternal use: taking webcam shots

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  import exrot from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/exrot';



like scrot, but for external use: taking webcam shots

Sometimes I like to take a quick picture of a whiteboard or some notes, but don't want to go find a phone and fiddle with getting images off of it.


With npm installed, run

$ npm install --global exrot

CLI Usage


  exrot [OPTIONS]... [FILE]

  Where FILE is the target file for the screenshot.

  If FILE is not specified, a date-stamped file will be dropped in the
  current directory.

  -h, --help                display this help and exit
  -d, --delay NUM           wait NUM seconds before taking a shot
  -x, --sfx                 play a camera shutter sound when finished
  -i, --interactive         bring up an interactive video; click to snap

API Usage

var exrot = require('exrot')

var opts = {
  width: 320,
  height: 240,
  sfx: true,
  interactive: false

exrot(opts, function (err, data) {
  if (err) throw err

outputs the raw PNG data from the captured frame.


var exrot = require('exrot')

exrot(opts, cb)

opts, if present, can set

  • opts.sfx (boolean) - whether to play a camera shutter sound effect on when finished.
  • opts.interactive (boolean) - whether to bring up an Electron window with a live video feed that the user can click on to take a snapshot.

cb is a callback that will be called with cb(err, data), where data is a Buffer of raw PNG data.