A stream that extends JSON objects with JSON objects

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  import extendStream from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/extend-stream';


Extend Stream

Extend stream is a stream that takes an initial JSON object and extends it with other JSON objects it receives and emits the final result when it's read source is done streaming objects to it

var extendStream = require("extend-stream");
var JSONStream   = require("JSONStream");
var eventStream  = require("event-stream");

obj = {
  run: "don't",
  walk: "to",
  the: "party"

var lineStream = eventStream(function(line, next) {
  next(false, line + "\n");

stream = extendStream(obj);


stream.write({ run: "fast don't" })
stream.write({ the: "awesome party" })


Extend stream exports a single function extendStream. This function takes only one argument, which is the initial object value to extend.

  • @param {object} init - The initial object to extend
  • @returns {stream}