Add more functionality to the webpack builder

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  import extendedBuildManagerWebpackPlugin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/extended-build-manager-webpack-plugin';



Manage files and directories (copy, create and delete) run commands and better management of the compilation progress in the console.


npm install extended-build-manager-webpack-plugin --save-dev


It is included in the same way as all webpack plugins.


In this example, it simulates a situation in which, in addition to compiling the project with webpack, it is uploaded to a staging branch with git.


const ExtendedBuildManagerWebpackPlugin = require('extended-build-manager-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {
    plugins: [
        new ExtendedBuildManagerWebpackPlugin({
            onStart: [
                    "name": "BuildSprites",
                    "title": "Building sprites ...",
                    "description": "Build sprites using the npm plugin",
                    "command": "npm run build:sprites"
                    "name": "PullBranch",
                    "title": "Move to staging branch folder and pull ...",
                    "description": "Pull the current proyect branch in git",
                    "command": "cd ../../staging/myProyect && git pull"
                    "name": "DeleteDistBranchFolder",
                    "title": "Remove dist branch folder ...",
                    "description": "Remove dist branch folder",
                    "distManager": [
                        { delete: [ `../../staging/myProyect/dist` ] }
            onEnd: [
                    "name": "CopyDistFolderToBranch",
                    "title": "Copy dist folder to branch ...",
                    "description": "Copy dist folder to branch",
                    "distManager": [
                        { copy: [ { source: "./dist", destination: "../../staging/myProyect/dist" } ] }
                    "name": "CommitBranch",
                    "title": "Commit branch ...",
                    "description": "Commit the current proyect branch in git",
                    "command": `cd ../../staging/myProyect && git add . && git commit -m "deploy to staging"`


All these functions help when displaying different messages in the compilation process in the console.

Please complete all the information you can.


These two events run before and after webpack builds, a message will be displayed in the middle when the webpack progress itself is running.

  • onStart: Commands to execute before Webpack begins the bundling process
  • onEnd: Commands to execute after Webpack has finished the bundling process


These three elements will help you understand the messages of the console in the progress of the compilation.

  • name: Name of the process, this must be unique (there should not be two objects with the same name)
  • title: Title of this step in the compilation, this will help you understand what is printed on the console when compiling
  • description: Description of this step in the compilation, this will help you understand what is printed on the console when compiling


You can use these two types of functions.


Here you can run any command, you can concatenate them in the same way you do in the package.json.

Only string type are supported.

Example: "cd ./dist && nodemon index.js"

Dist Manager

With this action you can manage files or folders.

Name Description Example
copy Copy individual files or entire directories from a source folder to a destination folder. Also supports glob pattern copy: [
{ source: 'dist/bundle.js', destination: '/home/web/js/'
delete Delete individual files or entire directories. delete: [
'file.txt', '/path/to'


  • You can use git and the file manager of this plugin in the commands to update it automatically.
  • If you use Angular SSR (server side rendering) you can handle the different constructions with a series of commands.