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  import eyeOfSauron from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/eye-of-sauron';


Eye of Sauron


Eye of Sauron - details here

If you wish to add poweful metrics to you app - you are at the right place


  • install: npm i -S eye-of-sauron or yarn add eye-of-sauron
  • then in your main file add in the top: import 'eye-of-sauron'; you will be able to access window.eyeOfSauron and trigger window.eyeOfSauron.init() later, or you can use another approach: import EyeOfSauron from 'eye-of-sauron'; and just call it as simple as EyeOfSauron(), soon you will be able to pass configuration object as an argument
  • set VISUALISE_EVENTS environment variable as true if you wish to show all metrics traces on your screen.

package is at it's early development stage but it will change everything soon...

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