Ad Exchange Engine

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  import eyevinnAdxchangeEngine from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/eyevinn-adxchange-engine';


The Eyevinn Adxchange Engine is a microservice placed between the server-side ad-insertion component and the adserver or SSP.

It currently provides the following API:

Resource Method  Response Module Description
/mockup  GET VAST XML MockupExchange Returns a mockup VAST XML that can be used for testing

Node Module

$ npm install --save eyevinn-adxchange-engine

To use the Adxchange Engine in your NodeJS code you initiate the engine like this:

  const AdxEngine = require('eyevinn-adxchange-engine');

  const engine = new AdxEngine();
  engine.listen(process.env.PORT || 7000);

or if you want to use a specific module and not setup a server.

  const Exchange = AdxEngine.exchange('MockupExchange');
  const mockup = new Exchange();
  mockup.generateMockupResponse().then(payload => {