A lightweight lib for requiring modules easily

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<script type="module">
  import ezRequire from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ez-require';



  • When you are struggling with the stupidly deep directory requires, like this:
─ A
  └─ B
  │  └─ F.js
  └─ C
     └─ G
     │  └─ H.js
     └─ D.js
     └─ E.js

If you want to require F.js in H.js, usually you have to require like this: var f = require('../../B/F'); Counting the directory level will kill you if you have a really deep path.

This tiny tool may solve your problem, somehow :)


  • Global path: setup your global root directory, then you can require any modules under this directory.
var ezReq = require('ez-require');
var module = ezReq.globalRequire('/my-module'); //it will load the 'my-module' under __dirname.

Global directory could be only set once, if you set it multiple times, it only could be set to the last one.

  • Local path: setup your local directory.
var ezReq = require('ez-require');
ezReq.setLocalRoot('dir1', __dirname);
var module = ezReq.localRequire('dir1', '/my-module'); // it will load 'my-module' under __dirname here.

You can add unlimited local roots here, make sure each local root has a unique name though (first arg of setLocalRoot()).


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