helper for creating functions that always need a PG client, but don't need to be directly passed a PG client

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  import ezpgPromiseMethod from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ezpg-promise-method';


ezpg-promise-method Build Status

Ensure that the first parameter is always the pgClient.

The method should return a promise.

If the pgClient is not explicitly passed, then obtaining(and releasing) a new client is handled automatically. If the pgClient is explicitly passed in, then the caller is responsible for everything related to that connection.

var Method = require('ezpg-promise-method'),
    ezpg = require('ezpg'),
    q = require('q');

var obj = {},
    method = Method(obj);

method('add', function(client, a, b){
    var d = q.defer();

    client.query('select $1 + $2', [a, b], function(err, result){

    return d.promise;

// call it without a client
obj.add(1, 2)

// or call it with a client
ezpg.transaction(function(err, client, commit, rollback){
    obj.add(client, 3, 4)