Web Scraper to provide methods to access EZTV easier

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  import eztvApiX from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/eztv_api_x';



Web scraper for EZTV.it

Currently supports 3 methods

getAllShows(cb) Returns an object array of all TV Shows on eztv.it/showlist/ in the form {show: showname, id: eztvId, slug: eztv-slug}

getEpisodeMagnet(data, cb) Data is a JSON object in the format {show: 'Community', season: 5, episode: 12}. Returns the magnet link as a string.

getAllEpisodes(data, cb) Data is JSON object same as one returned in getAllShows returns multi-dimensional array with magnet URL string in the form episodes[season][episode]

cb is the callback function passed to the methods and will be of the form function cb(error, result)