A cli to start react and react native projects for f22

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import f22Starter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/f22-starter';


F22 App starter :rocket:

This is a starter cli kit for bootstrapping React and React Native Applications @F22labs.

For React Native projects, we use this repo https://github.com/f22labs/rn-boilerplate

React project boilerplate is WIP


  1. Install the package globally with
npm install -g f22-starter


yarn global add f22-starter
  1. Run command f22-starter and follow the instructions.

Note: This currently doesn't support Windows machines

For windows users, follow this instructions

Make sure you have yarn installed on your machine.

1.  Clone this project and delete `.git` folder.
2.  Run `yarn` to install the dependencies.
3.  Then `yarn rename [YOUR_PROJECT_NAME]` to rename the project.
4.  Then you're good to go.