This Framework7 plugin will guide the user through a tour of your app.

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<script type="module">
  import f7Welcomescreen from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/f7-welcomescreen';


Framework7 Plugin Welcomescreen

This plugin will show a tutorial screen when starting Framework7 apps and websites. (Note: There is also a generic version that does not rely on Framework7 available)


Framwork7 Welcomescreen Plugin Screenshot

Live demo

You can find a running demo here.


1. Add dependency

With module bundler (Webpack, Vite...)

$ yarn add f7-welcomescreen

In your main js file do:

import F7WelcomescreenPlugin from 'f7-welcomescreen';

In your stylesheet add F7 styles (if not exist yet!). This is when using Webpack:

@import '~f7-welcomescreen/styles.css';

For Vite

@import 'f7-welcomescreen/styles.css';

Alternative: Without bundler (direct linking)

  1. Copy files f7-welcomescreen.min.js and f7-welcomescreen.min.css from dist into your project folder.
  2. Reference the files in HTML like this:
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="f7-welcomescreen.min.css"></link>
  <script src="f7-welcomescreen.min.js"></script>

3. Define slides

var welcomescreen_slides = [
    id: 'slide0',
    title: 'Slide 0', // optional
    picture: '<div class="tutorialicon">♥</div>',
    text: 'Welcome to this tutorial. In the next steps we will guide you through a manual that will teach you how to use this app.',
    id: 'slide1',
    title: 'Slide 1', // optional
    picture: '<div class="tutorialicon">✲</div>',
    text: 'This is slide 2',
    id: 'slide2',
    title: 'Slide 2', // optional
    picture: '<div class="tutorialicon">♫</div>',
    text: 'This is slide 3',
    id: 'slide3',
    //title: 'NO TITLE',
    picture: '<div class="tutorialicon">☆</div>',
    text: 'Thanks for reading! Enjoy this app.<br><br><a id="tutorial-close-btn" href="#">End Tutorial</a>',

Used parameters are:

  • id Set an id for this slide
  • picture Set free html here
  • text You can set html here but I recommend using just plain text

4. Initialize & options

For Framework7 Core version


// Define options for welcomescreen plugin
var options = {
  bgcolor: '#0da6ec',
  fontcolor: '#fff',

var app = new Framework7({
  root: '#app', // or what ever your root is
  name: 'welcomescreen-demo', // choose a name
  welcomescreen: {
    // Setup welcomescreen plugin
    slides: welcomescreen_slides,
    options: options,

For Framework7 React version




var options = {
  bgcolor: '#0da6ec',
  fontcolor: '#fff',

const f7params = {
  name: 'welcomescreen-demo',
  theme: 'auto',
  store: store,
  routes: routes,
  welcomescreen: {
    slides: welcomescreen_slides,
    options: options,

Available options (if not set, default will be used)

  • bgcolor Set background color
  • fontcolor Set font color
  • closeButton (Default: true) Enabled/disable close button
  • closeButtonText (Default: 'Skip') Close button text
  • cssClass (Default: '') Additional class on container
  • pagination (Default: true) Swiper pagination
  • navigation (Default: false) Swiper navigation
  • loop (Default: false) Swiper loop
  • template (Default: String) Pass in a custom Dom7 template to render Welcomescreen
  • open (Default: true) Open welcome screen on init
  • onOpened (Default: none) Callback function when welcomescreen is opened
  • onClosed (Default: none) Callback function when welcomescreen is closed
  • parallax (Default: true), Enable parallax
  • parallaxBackgroundImage (Default: 'http://lorempixel.com/900/600/nightlife/2/') Parallax default background image
  • parallaxBackground (Default percentage: '-23%') Parallax default background speed effect
  • parallaxSlideElements (Default number per element: {title: -100, subtitle: -200, text: -300}) Set speed of each element in parallax mode


  • number - value in px (as for title, subtitle in example above) to move element depending on progress. In this case such element will be moved on ± this value in px depending on slide position (next or previous)
  • percentage - (as for "parallax-bg") to move element depending on progress and on its size. In this case such element will be moved on ± this percentage of its size (width in horizontal direction, and height in vertical direction) depending on slide position (next or previous). So if element has 400px width and you specified data-swiper-parallax="50%" then it will be moved on ± 200px


The following methods are available on a welcomescreen instance

app.welcomescreen.open(); // Open the screen
app.welcomescreen.close(); // Closes it
app.welcomescreen.next(); // Go to next slide
app.welcomescreen.previous(); // Go to previous slide
app.welcomescreen.slideTo(i); // Go to slide with index i

Example project

See demo directory. The demo has the following scripts:

  • yarn start Starts a http server and serves content from demo/build
  • yarn build Creates a new build into the demo/build directory
  • yarn watch Watches for changes in .js files and runs yarn build

I recommend to just run yarn start from the demo directory. Then open in your browser.


Made with <3 by www.timo-ernst.net

My YouTube channel about Framework7: http://www.timoernst.tv

Thanks for helping @nolimits4web