ReactJS UI component library for FA Solutions

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This is a boilerplate repository for creating npm packages with React components written in TypeScript and using styled-components.

Medium article explaining step by step how to use this repo to publish your own library to NPM: https://medium.com/@xfor/developing-publishing-react-component-library-to-npm-styled-components-typescript-cc8274305f5a


To install all dependencies run npm run install-all.

Developing your library:

To start developing your library, run npm run dev. It will build your library and run example create-react-app where you can test your components. Each time you make changes to your library or example app, app will be reloaded to reflect your changes.


Developing library with components built with styled-components is challenging because you have to keep only one instance of styled-components. If you would just symlink your library (file:../ or npm link) to example app that is also using styled-components you'll get a console warning about multiple instances of styled-components (even though styled-components are peer dependency) and your styles will be possibly broken. To be able to conveniently develop styled components I am injecting bundled files directly into example app's /src folder and importing it in App.tsx along with type declaration.


This boilerplate lets you develop your libraries in Typescript and you can simultaneously test it in Typescript example create-react-app.