FAst ARchiver for Node.js

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FAst ARchiver for Node.js

Why faar?

Because current packages for archive/unarchive (archiver, Decompress, tar-stream/tar-fs, etc.) are too slow. (See [performance comparison](#Performance Comparison))

They are slow not because the code quality, but due to Node.js limitations on usage of multi-core and file system.

The easiest way to fix that is just use full-fledged shell tools such as tar, pigz, lz4... That's what this package do.


npm install faar


var fa = require('faar')

Promise.resolve(['./test1', './test2'])
    .then(items => {
        console.log('archiving', items)
        return fa.archive(items, './archives/test')
    .then(arcFile => {
        console.log('...to', arcFile)
        return arcFile
    .then(arcFile => {
        console.log('unarchiving', arcFile)
        return fa.unarchive(arcFile, './')
    .then(items => {
        console.log('...to', items)
        return items


var fa = require('faar')

// register new archive format
fa.register('lzo', {
    compress: 'lzop',
    uncompress: 'unlzop',
// prefer lzo, if not available fallback to gzip
fa.prefer(['lzo', 'pigz', 'gzip'])

Built-in Configurations

Archive Tools

gzip, pigz, zip, 7z, bzip2, xz, lzop, lz4

Default Preference

lz4, pigz, gzip, zip

Performance Comparison