This module will automate your facebook post.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import facaebookPostAutomater from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/facaebook-post-automater';


Facaebook Post Automater


* This module will automate your facebook post.


* npm i facaebook-post-automater


* const { getFacebookPage, postOnGroup } = require("facaebook-post-automater");

* getFacebookPage(yourEmailOrPhone, yourPassword, chromePath, headless(OPTIONAL), delayYouWantAfterFacebookLoginInMinutes(OPTIONAL))
    .then(page => postOnGroup(page, groupId, contentToPost))

* Example: getFacebookPage("sachintripathi7398@gmail.com", "yourPassword", "/usr/bin/google-chrome", false, 2)
    .then(page => postOnGroup(page, 477680952327514, "Hello Detective !"))


* chromePath: Path where chrome is installed in your system for Ubuntu: "/usr/bin/google-chrome", You can google for the rest OS.
* headless: false is you want GUI, true for no GUI. Default value is false.
* delayYouWantAfterFacebookLoginInMinutes : Sometimes just after FB login facebook ask you to verify yourself in that   case you need some time for verification by default you get 1 minute But you get more delay just pass its value in minutes.
* page : page object will help you to control the tab. You don't need to do much with it just pass as mentioned in example.
* groupId : Every FB group have a ID in its URL (https://www.facebook.com/groups/477680952327514). here groupId = 477680952327514.
* contentToPost : This would be the content you want to post on group. That should be a valid string which you can type in facebook post.


* This module is currently available for group post only. We are updating it daily. Check daily for more updates.
* For any help write me at: sachintripathi7398@gmail.com.