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Facebook Group Posts Scraper

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Facebook Group Posts Scraper is a package which is used for scraping facebook group posts by their group ids.

Getting Started - Installation

npm i facebook-group-posts-scraper -g --unsafe-perm
fgps init


To scrape posts from group accessible by URL facebook.com/groups/some_group/:

fgps --group-ids some_group --output /some/output/dir

For many groups at once:

fgps --group-ids some_group1,some_group2,some_group3 --output /some/output/dir

Command-line options

  • fgps -h/--help - Shows the help page.
  • fgps -v/--version - Shows the CLI version.
  • fgps --output - Specify the output folder destination.
  • fgps --headful - Disable headless mode.
  • fgps init - Initialize user configuration.
  • fgps --group-ids - Indicates which groups ids that we want to scrape (seperated by commas).

Contributors ✨

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Kaan Yagci

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Idil Saglam


Grzegorz Adam Kowalski

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