A simplified wrapper for face-api.js

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  import facerecon from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/facerecon';



A simplified wrapper for face-api.js.


npm install --save facerecon


Include and declare new Facerecon Object

const Facerecon = require('facerecon');

let fr = new Facerecon();

First load

Load images of known faces.

Images must be divided into subdirectory for every person, the name of subdirecotry becomes the name of person inside the images. (see Examples)

fr.init().then( () => {
    fr.loader(__dirname + '/img/knowPeople').then( () => {

Now Facerecon has stored data even for future uses. You can declare alternative locations for storage, the default is './data/know_descriptors.json'.

Organize Photo by known faces

Load all images inside the '/img/input' directory, find all known faces and copy them to '/img/output/KNOW_FACE_NAME' directories.

KNOW_FACE_NAME is created by Facerecon.

fr.init().then( () => {
    fr.findAndCopy(__dirname + '/img/input', __dirname + '/img/output').then( () => {

Count faces

Count the number of faces inside an image

fr.init().then( () => {
    fr.detectFaces(__dirname + '/img/input/big-bang.jpg').then( (detected) => {
        let n = detected.length;
        console.log(n + ' face' + ( n == 1 ? '' : 's'));


If you want to add custom options you can pass them in the declaration

let fr = new Facerecon({
    json_know_path: '/know_face.json', //Default: __dirname + '/data/know_descriptors.json',
    models_path: '/my_models_dir', //Default: __dirname + '/models',
    debug: '/img/debugImages', //Default: false (no debug images)
    threshold: 0.65, //Default: 0.6
    verbose: true //Default: false