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  import factorioTypeKit from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/factorio-type-kit';



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Generate type definitions for the Factorio Lua API.

Currently supports typescript and a JSON IR.


factorio-type-kit is generally used to write mods. It can also be used to generate code based on the Factorio API.

  • Writing a factorio mod in TypeScript?

  • Generate API definitions

    • as a library?
      • install via the npm/yarn steps above. you can now import * from "factorio-type-kit" directly into your JS or TS application
      • the API exports a few functions, namely produce & printTs, etc. Please see src/bin.ts to see them in self-documenting action :)
    • as a cli?
      • install nodejs, which also installs npx
      • run npx factorio-type-kit --help to use the CLI
$ npx factorio-type-kit --help

  $ factorio-type-kit --language=[...]

  --language, -l  ts,json
  --output, -o  path/to/filename/outupt.[ts|json]

  $ factorio-type-kit -l ts -o factorio.schema.d.ts



  • factorio API is hard to explore, because it is both wide and deep
    • many classes/events to interact with
    • many methods/props drilled into nested data-models used during model
  • iteration is slow
    • lua is dynamically typed
    • objective iterate less & have higher quality by applying typechecking on mod


factorio-type-kit is an essential part of the solution. FTK does or supports the following:

With your programming tools of choice, hopefully, you can now author factorio greatness with more power than Lua. Lua is a fine scripting language--but mods can be challenging without sufficient static analysis. Types can help!