a javascript utility to manage css and match sass functions

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<script type="module">
  import fairybread from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/fairybread';


take control of your style tags. create, share, extend and render css with javacsript


  • 🏡 Structured & clear
  • 🔮 Css in js
  • ⚙️ Functional
  • 🤷‍♀️ framework agnostic

Notice v2 Breaking Change

I have added options to give fairybread more power in the future, this means the old syntax new Fairybread('global') should be replaced with new Fairybread({global: true})

Basic Setup

var colors = {
    yellow: '#FDCA21',
    pink: '#FF05FA',

var globalSheet = new Fairybread({
    global: true
globalSheet.add('body',`background:${colors.yellow}` );
globalSheet.add('h1',`color:${colors.pink}` );


<style id="fairybread_208X7mLD6jwR4LCgOzod">
    body { background: #FDCA21; }
    h1 { color:#FF05FA; }

As you may have guested passing "global" at creation will make a global stylesheet that will effect everything on the page (Ahh so scary!)

Scoped Styles

var sheet = new Fairybread();


<style id="fairybread_xjRSIWrtA3kBepAHLZsM">
    .fairybread_xjRSIWrtA3kBepAHLZsM a {
        color: red

sheet.id is the scoping class (excluding the .) that you can attach appropriately for example at the top of a component. the render function allows you to choose your rendering method incase you want to include your css inside the component


Now I know all you designer types love the fonts and keyframes so you can add these as well.

  @import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Sacramento');
  @keyframes fairyfade {
      0%   { color:#FF008A }
      22%   { color:#FDCA21 }
      45%   { color:#85CF42 }
      70%   { color:#00FBF1 }
      90%   { color:#6A00FD }
      100%   { color:#FF008A }

.addSpecial lets you paste any full css into the special style sheet. Its global in its own sheet that is rendered automatically because its designed for font-face and keyframes, which can't be scoped. this should also help you fix any style syntax not supported yet by fairybread.


a new function called render allow you to choose the render location of your sheet. it takes these options.

sheet.render('raw') // this returns an object with Js and plaintext css
     js: //javascript object of styles,
     css: //a css string for rendering into a style tag.
 sheet.render('head') //renders a style tag into the head bottom
 sheet.render('body') //renders a style tag into the body bottom
 sheet.render('here') //returns an style tag and id for components
 sheet.render()       // this is the same as 'head'

Tagged Templates (New)

to make added styles to components easier I added .css to scope, build and return in place

const sheet = new Fairybread().css`
    :host a { color: red }
    body { background: green }


<style id="fairybread_xjRSIWrtA3kBepAHLZsM">
    .fairybread_xjRSIWrtA3kBepAHLZsM a {
        color: red
    body { background: green }

this will return the same as the scope styles example but instead of rendering to head it will return a Style tag dom element for inclusion by you. this function will replace :host with the scoped tag, if you don't include :host it will be global because of this, you can mimic the addSpecial function as well.

This method can't be used with extend, add or the default render;


Pretty much just object syntax from javascript

var tag_color = sheet.extend('a').color;
sheet.add ('.button', `color:${tag_color}`);
// OR
var tag_color = sheet.rules['a'].js;
sheet.add ('.button', `${tag_color}`);