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autogenerated makefile documentation in markdown


fait-doc requires fait 1.0. install them both with:

npm install --save-dev fait fait-doc

fait will create a barebones makefile: to load fait-doc, add:

$(call require, fait-doc)


Run make doc to generate documentation from comment blocks in your makefiles. Without any configuration, fait-doc reads comments from all included makefiles that are not in node_modules. For an example of input and output, see index.mk and the documentation section of this readme.

Run make help to output generated documentation to the console.



📋 doc ⬅️ $(fait-doc-output) 🔗

Generate fait-doc documentation when make doc is run

📋 help ⬅️ $(fait-doc-intermediate) 🔗

Output generated documentation as console help

📄 $(fait-doc-intermediate) ⬅️ $(fait-doc-input) 🔗

Generate documentation

📄 $(fait-doc-output) ⬅️ $(fait-doc-header) generated.md $(fait-doc-footer) 🔗

Concatenate generated documentation with header and footer and output


🚩 $(fait-doc-header) 🔗

File to prepend to the generated documentation (none by default)

🚩 $(fait-doc-footer) 🔗

File to append to the generated documentation (none by default)

🚩 $(fait-doc-output) 🔗

Output filename, readme.md by default

🚩 $(fait-doc-intermediate) 🔗

Filename for intermediate (i.e. pre-concatenation) output file. By default this is cleaned up afterwords, see $(fait-doc-intermediate-cleanup)

🚩 $(fait-doc-intermediate-cleanup) 🔗

Set to no to keep the non-concatenated generated documentation output file

🚩 $(fait-doc-print-all) 🔗

Set to yes to print help from all makefiles, even those in node_modules (e.g. fait core and fait-doc themselves)

🚩 $(fait-doc-input) 🔗

Makefiles to parse for documentation. By default, we parse all makefiles from $(MAKEFILE_LIST) that aren't in node_modules.