A factory for making fake objects with faker.js; with support for the Mongoose ODM

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  import fakerFactoryMongoose from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/faker-factory-mongoose';


Faker Factory

Note: This is a fork of https://github.com/thebrubaker/faker-factory specifically forked to work with the Mongoose ODM.

A small utility for creating fake models using a factory function. This factory is inspired by Laravel's factory function that will work with Mongoose models.

Example Registration

Register a factory by providing label, class and callback arguments. The callback function provides an instance of Faker.js and should return an object of attributes for your model.

const factory = require("faker-factory");

// Your mongoose User model
const User = require("./models/user");

factory.register("user", User, faker => {
  return {
    firstName: faker.name.firstName(),
    lastName: faker.name.lastName(),
    email: faker.internet.email()

Example Factory Instance

Once you've registered your factory bindings, you can make as many models as you like, each with unique data. You can also replace the default attributes with your own.

const factory = require("faker-factory");

let users = factory("user", 10).make(); // array of fake users
let adminUsers = factory("user", 10).make({ isAdmin: true }); // array of fake admin users

Instructions For Using Faker Factory

The factory assumes that you are using Mongoose ODM.