Redundant & Robust Connections to your Ethereum Node Infra. Works with L2

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import fallbackProvider from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/fallback-provider';


Fallback Provider


  • Create a config file for the backends to be used. Example -

      - url: 'https://mainnet.infura**'
          priority: 2
          stallTimeout: 200
          weight: 2
      - url: 'infura.io/zzz'
          priority: 1
          stallTimeout: 100
          weight: 1

    Priority: The priority used for the provider. Higher priorities are favoured over lower priorities. If multiple providers share the same priority, they are chosen at random.

    stallTimeout: The timeout (in ms) after which another Provider will be attempted. This does not affect the current Provider; if it returns a result it is counted as part of the quorum.Lower values will result in more network traffic, but may reduce the response time of requests.

    weight: The weight a response from this provider provides. This can be used if a given Provider is more trusted, for example.

  • Add the package to the project
    npm i fallback-provider
    yarn add fallback-provider

  • Import the provider as usual, i.e

    const {FallbackProvider} = require('fallback-provider')
    const provider = new FallbackProvider(<pathToConfig>)