NodeJS API For pterodactyl panel (Falt edition)

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import faltNodeactyl from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/falt-nodeactyl';


Nodeactyl: 100% remastered

If you have issues with downloading this package, and you come accross "package.json" not found, open a cmd.exe in the startup bar of your PC and then type npm init -y

If you're having any issues, join the Discord and ask for support. https://discord.gg/beTDVtD**

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npm install nodeactyl

What am I?

Nodeactyl is a Library for node.js to communicated with the Pterodactyl Panel,you can control any server on your nodes with it (If you purchase a server from another host, no worry! The API works with your own server too!). This library's originally was to be used in Discord bots, however it can be used in ny node.js project.

How do I work?

This library works by querying the Pterodactyl API (REST requests) using a library called axios.




We (The Nodeactyl team) are not responsible for any damages that you cause to your servers/nodes by using this API.

Remember: This API can potentially be dangerous with the ability to Delete Servers/Nodes at an instant is extremely easy!

It is not our fault if your API key is revealed to the public. When asking for help please do not send the full stack error. This will reveal your ENTIRE Host/Application API key in the request, if someone asks you to show them the error it should only be trusted sources! (Such as the Pterodactyl Team/Nodeactyl Team). You should also have your API key changed every 1-3 days to prevent issues like this.