Digital countdown timer, clock and more

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Digital countdown timer, clock and more

Demo with code examples


npm i fancy-timer


Firstly apply CSS file in the <head> tag.

<link href="css/fancy-timer.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen"/>

Then apply this CSS classes to a container element.

<div id="container" class="ft ft-light"></div>

If you want to use dark theme replace class ft-light to ft-dark.

Simple time count

This example just counts seconds from start.

import { FancyTimer } from 'fancy-timer';

const container = document.getElementById('container');
const ft = new FancyTimer(container, { value: 0, direction: 1 });

Countdown timer with warning

This example setup the countdown timer for 5 minutes (300 seconds). When one minute left it enables warning mode. On finish it calls a callback function.


import { FancyTimer, IFancyTimerOptions } from 'fancy-timer';

const container = document.getElementById('container');
const options: IFancyTimerOptions {
  value: 300,
  direction: -1,
  warn: {
    secondsLeft: 60
  onWarning() {
  onFinish() {
const ft = new FancyTimer(container, { value: 300, direction: -1 });

New Year countdown

This example set the countdown timer to New Year with the captions.

New Year Timer

Dark Theme

import { FancyTimer, IFancyTimerOptions } from 'fancy-timer';

const nextYear = new Date().getFullYear() + 1;
const options: IFancyTimerOptions {
  value: new Date(`${nextYear}-01-01`),
  captions: {
    days: 'Days',
    hours: 'Hours',
    minutes: 'Minutes',
    seconds: 'Seconds'
  showDays: 3

// initialize the timer
const ft = new FancyTimer(document.getElementById('container'), options);

// Start the timer


interface IFancyTimerOptions {
  // if number: the value is in seconds;
  // if Date: initial value setup as the seconds after or before the date;
  // if string: it tryes to parse the value as time in format "HH:mm:ss"
  //  and setup initial value as the seconds after of before the specified time today,
  //  if parsing is failed, initial value set to 0.
  value: number | Date | string;

  // 1 - the timer moves forward
  // -1 - the timer moves backward
  // 0 - the timer is stoped
  direction?: 1 | 0 | -1;

  // captions to add below the numbers
  captions?: {
    days: string;
    hours: string;
    minutes: string;
    seconds: string;

  // quantity of digits for days, allowed values from 0 to 6
  // default - 0, noe days display
  showDays?: number;

  // if true the digits transition anumation moves from bottom to up
  reverseAnimation?: boolean;

  // apply CSS class if specified seconds left in countdown mode
  // className by default 'ft-warn'
  warn?: {
    secondsLeft: number;
    className?: string;

  // callback function to call when the timer reached zero
  onFinish?: () => void;

  // callback function to call when warning mode is activated
  onWarning?: () => void;


FancyTimer.start(direction?: 1 | 0 | -1)

Start the timer in specified direction: 1 - forward, -1 - backward. If direction is 0 or omitted, using current direction property value.


Stop the timer.

FancyTimer.update(value: number, force = false)

Update displaying time. value is in seconds. If force = true it means the timer updates immetiately without animation. This method is not updating any option, so after call start method the timer will display an actual value property.

FancyTimer.updateOptions(options: IFancyTimerOptions)

This method allows to update all options except captions and showDays. If some options are not specified they will be set as undefined (except value, captions, showDays).

FancyTimer.setValue(value?: number | Date | string)

This method is very handy if need to update only value property.