Farol Extension - AWS S3

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  import farolExtensionFsAws from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/farol-extension-fs-aws';


Farol Extension for Lahar


Using NPM

  • To install, run: npm install farol-extension-fs-aws

  • To update, run: npm update farol-extension-fs-aws



Use npm link in the API project repository inside the extensions folder in order to store the link name and path in NPM.

On the project used to develop the library you can run npm link farol-extension-fs-aws and it will start using the development version from your API.


In order to release a new version you shall follow the steps bellow:

  1. Make the desired changes;
  2. Update CHANGELOG.md file;
  3. Commit your changes;
  4. Run the commands below:
  • Run
  npm version patch
  FAROL_SDK_VERSION=$(npx -c 'echo "$npm_package_version"')
  git commit -am"${FAROL_SDK_VERSION}"
  git tag ${FAROL_SDK_VERSION}
  git push && git push --tags