Ugly but fast read only object

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  import fastFreeze from '';



Ugly but fast read only object

This module actually don't freeze object but convert the object into nested functions. Hence accessing any propery seems ugly.

How to use

Install like any npm package

npm i fast-freeze

then just use it

var fastFreeze = require("fast-freeze");

var testConfig = var C = {
    name: 'John',
    surname: 'Johnson',
    age: 26,
    address: {
        street: '1st Street',
        city: 'Los Angeles',
        country: 'USA'
    vehicles: [

var frozenConfig = fastFreeze(C);

console.log( frozenConfig("vehicles")[1] );
console.log( testConfig["vehicles"][1] );


Object.freeze : 62130394.37862057 requests/second fast-freeze : 514441747.5754436 requests/second normal : 498987957.90934324 requests/second

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