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README JavaScript code style

This project is meant for internal JS-code at, but we have many public JS projects which also want to use the same code style. Feel free to use/fork, but it probably will become very FINN specific, so we don't expect it to be very useful for others.

Just a start...

The JSHint config is just a beginning and up for discussion. The most important is that we land on a config that everyone uses. So it's better with a relaxed config that everyone use than a strict config that nobody wants to use. But the main concept of linting code is to avoid potential typos, so it's a fine balance...

Add a pull-request if you want to change something and we can discuss on the pull-request. One pull-request pr option change. Please include the description of the option in the PR description :)


npm install --save-dev finn-js-code-style


This command will run jshint on the files you specify. In the future, it will probably do more code style checks on the same set of files.

finn-js-code-style [options] <file | dir>...


  • --help Usage info
  • --max-warnings <number> Exit when more warnings than max-warnings
  • --max-errors <number> Exit when more errors than max-errors
  • --fail Exit when warnings/errors are generated


See for what has changed since last release


The config should be in the dot-files instead of hard-coded in build scripts. That makes it possible for editor plugins to auto-detect the config.

If you already have a .jshintrc file; add the line below and remove all old rules. If you don't have it, finn-js-code-style will generate it the first time you run the command.

"extends": "./node_modules/finn-js-code-style/.jshintrc"

The extends option became usable in jshint v2.5.1, so make sure the version you use (also editor plugins) at least have this version.

It is possible to extend js-code-style with a project-specific config, but we only allow a more strict set of rules or change the environment (node/browser). The project globals should also be defined here (if you have any), and will extend the parent´s globals (instead of overwriting).

You can also use extends to have different config for tests or similar:


    "extends": "./node_modules/finn-js-code-style/.jshintrc",
    "browser": true,
    "node": false,
    "maxstatements": 10


    "extends": "../.jshintrc",
    "globals": {
        "suite": true,
        "test": true,
        "setup": true,
        "teardown": true,
        "assert": true

Use the .jshintignore to exclude files or folders.

Grunt config

npm install --save-dev grunt-exec

In Gruntfile.js


    exec: {
        finn_js_code_style: {
            cmd: 'finn-js-code-style src'

For Sublime

- Install plugin...

For Intellij

- Open prefrences in Intellij.
- Under Project Settings find: JavaScript -> Code Quality Tools -> JSHint.
- Check off for "Enable", "Use config files" and "2.8.0".

Wondering what all these options mean?

See JSHint docs

More jshint docs

Release a new version

# patch version
$ npm run release:patch

# minor version
$ npm run release:minor

# major version
$ npm run release:major

# special versions (alpha/beta/etc) 1.2.3-beta.1
$ npm version <newversion>
$ NPM_CONFIG_TAG=<tag> npm run push-package-publish