Markdown documentation builder

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  import fishdoc from '';



The markdown documentation builder

To use fishdoc, create a nodejs project with 'fishdoc' as dependency, and then you can do like this :

var fishdoc = require('fishdoc');

    path: 'docs',
    output: 'build',
    name: 'Grass',
    link: '',
    // logo: 'logo.png', // Optional, to replace the logo in the navbar
    clean: true, // Optional, to clean the output directory (by default, set to false),
    // template: 'assets/template.html', // Optional, to replace the template (discouraged)
    colors: // Optional, to change the template colors
        nav: 'green',
        navText: 'white',
        navHover: 'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.15)',
        tree: '#151515',
        treeText: 'white',
        treeHover: 'rgba(0, 74, 4, 0.30)'

It will generate the documentation in the 'build' folder from the 'docs' folder