Node Inspector API Sugar

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Fiveo Demonstration

A tiny JavaScript library to add some sweetness to Node's core inspector module. Adds some key missing features:

  • Adding the ability to start the inspector via the SIGNAL method using ANY PORT and not just 9229. Opens up the possible debug applications and workflows tremendously.
  • STOPPING the inspector instance using the SIGUSR2 signal (will stop both sessions started with SIGUSR2 and the native SIGUSR1). It's likely that leavning the inspector listening (production environments...) is a bad idea.


$ npm install fiveo


fiveo simply needs to be required in your code.


// The rest of your code...

Environment Variables

When running through Node.js, you can set a few environment variables that will change the behavior of the debug logging:

Name Syntax Purpose Examples
INSPECT [hostname:port] Declares which host:port you want the inspector to listen on. 9230 or localhost:9230

Note: The default value for INSPECT is localhost:9229.