Flowdock tag extraction and linkification

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  import flowdockText from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/flowdock-text';



Flowdock-text is a javascript utility for extracting and linkifying hashtags and URLs in Flowdock. It is built upon Twitter's twitter-text-js. Some twitter-text's functionality has been removed or altered.



Hashtag extraction

FlowdockText.extractHashtags("hello #world");
[ 'world' ]
FlowdockText.extractHashtagsWithIndices("hello #world");
[ { tag: 'world', indices: [ 6, 12 ] } ]

Usertag extraction

FlowdockText.extractMentions("hello @Username");
[ '@Username' ]
FlowdockText.extractMentionsWithIndices("hello @Username");
[ { tag: '@Username', indices: [ 6, 15 ] } ]

URL extraction

FlowdockText.extractUrls("hello http://www.example.com");
[ 'http://www.example.com' ]
FlowdockText.extractUrlsWithIndices("hello http://www.example.com");
[ { url: 'http://www.example.com', indices: [ 6, 28 ] } ]


FlowdockText.autoLink("hello @Username #greets");
'hello <a title="Search @Username" class="app-tag-link" href="#flowser/all/@Username">@Username</a> <a href="#flowser/all/greets" title="#greets" class="app-tag-link">#greets</a>'


Install with: npm install flowdock-text

var FlowdockText = require("flowdock-text");
FlowdockText.extractUrlsWithIndices("cool http://www.example.com");
[ { url: 'http://www.example.com', indices: [ 6, 28 ] } ]


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mocha, istanbul & karma

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npm run test

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npm run istanbul

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npm run karma

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