A formsy-react compatibility wrapper for Material-UI form components.

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This library is a wrapper for Material-UI form components to allow them to be used with formsy-react, a form validation component for React forms.


To and install formsy-material-ui and add it to your package.json, run:

$ npm install --save formsy-material-ui

You will also need to add formsy-react if not already installed:

$ npm install --save formsy-react

Note: For React 15.0.x compatibility, specify "formsy-react": "^0.18.0".


ES6 Imports

import FormsyCheckbox from 'formsy-material-ui/lib/FormsyCheckbox';
import FormsyDate from 'formsy-material-ui/lib/FormsyDate';
import FormsyRadio from 'formsy-material-ui/lib/FormsyRadio';
import FormsyRadioGroup from 'formsy-material-ui/lib/FormsyRadioGroup';
import FormsySelect from 'formsy-material-ui/lib/FormsySelect';
import FormsyText from 'formsy-material-ui/lib/FormsyText';
import FormsyTime from 'formsy-material-ui/lib/FormsyTime';
import FormsyToggle from 'formsy-material-ui/lib/FormsyToggle';
import FormsyAutoComplete from 'formsy-material-ui/lib/FormsyAutoComplete';


import { FormsyCheckbox, FormsyDate, FormsyRadio, FormsyRadioGroup, 
  FormsySelect, FormsyText, FormsyTime, FormsyToggle, FormsyAutoComplete } from 'formsy-material-ui/lib';


Components allow for onChange event handlers in props. They are fired when the value of the component changes, regardless of the underlying handler (eg, FormsyToggle uses onToggle internally, but we still use onChange in props to hook into the event.)

The call back signatures for all onChange handlers conform to Material-UI's proposed Standardized Callback Signatures.

An example usage of this would be to use an onChange for the FormsySelect and receive notifications when it changes.


Example App

The formsy-material-ui repo contains a sample webpack SPA.

Example Code

You can find an example form in the example app directory.

Known Issues

See issues.

Release History



Originally started by Matt Brookes and later transfered.

Thanks to our contributors.


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