A simple and powerful React animation library

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Framer Motion

Framer Motion

An open source and production-ready motion
library for React on the web.

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Framer Motion is an open source, production-ready library that's designed for all creative developers.

It looks like this:

<motion.div animate={{ x: 0 }} />

It does all this:

  • Springs
  • Keyframes
  • Layout animations
  • Shared layout animations
  • Gestures (drag/tap/hover)
  • SVG paths
  • Exit animations
  • Server-side rendering
  • Orchestrate animations across components
  • CSS variables

...and a whole lot more.

Get started

🐇 Quick start

npm install framer-motion
import { motion } from "framer-motion"

export const MyComponent = ({ isVisible }) => (
    <motion.div animate={{ opacity: isVisible ? 1 : 0 }} />

📚 Docs

Check out our documentation for guides and a full API reference.

Or checkout our examples for inspiration.

🛠 Contribute

Want to contribute to Framer Motion? Our contributing guide has you covered.

👩🏻‍⚖️ License

Framer Motion is MIT licensed.


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