A WebApp Generator for Yeoman: FlightPHP + MongoDB backend, AngularJS frontend.

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A generator for Yeoman.

Yeoman FlightPHP and AngularJS Generators

This Yeoman generator builds simple AngularJS webapps with a FlightPHP REST API at the server side. (Using MongoDB as storage)

To install generator-flightangular from npm, run:

$ git clone
$ cd generator-flightangular
$ sudo npm link

Then, initiate the generator from your desired deployment location.

$ yo flightangular

Anything in the "public" directory is exposed to the webserver.

To create a new set of CRUD routes:

$ yo flightangular:crud 

Angular Routes created will be: // - List all models in the db. //create - Create a new item. //:id - Display an item. //:id/edit - Edit an existing item.


To run PHPUnit tests, ensure you have run composer to deploy PHP components and have "./composer/bin" in your path so the executable can be found, or that PHPUnit is globally available from somewhere else.

Created By

Paul Freeman (@OddEssay). Made in Liverpool.


MIT License