Template repository to quickly start a new project on GitHub

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A Yeoman generator that you can use to quickly scaffold new and existing GitHub repositories. It gives you the following:

  • A to show your users :heart: and give them an high-level overview of changes.
  • A base which includes the project title, a tagline, shields, project logo.
  • A generic file which can be used as-is.
  • Sensible EditorConfig defaults.

Did you know that this repository was created with generator-github itself?

Getting Started

What is Yeoman?

Trick question. It's not a thing. It's this guy:

Basically, he wears a top hat, lives in your computer, and waits for you to tell him what kind of application you wish to create.

Not every new computer comes with a Yeoman pre-installed. He lives in the npm package repository. You only have to ask for him once, then he packs up and moves into your hard drive. Make sure you clean up, he likes new and shiny things.

$ npm install -g yo

Yeoman Generators

Yeoman travels light. He didn't pack any generators when he moved in. You can think of a generator like a plug-in. You get to choose what type of application you wish to create, such as a Backbone application or even a Chrome extension.

To install generator-github from npm, run:

$ npm install -g generator-github

Finally, initiate the generator and answer its questions:

$ yo github