Scaffold simple static websites! Including SCSS / JS management & development watch functionality

Usage no npm install needed!

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Create simple static websites! Including SCSS / JS management & development watch functionality. This Yeoman generator scaffolds a minimal setup "required" to rock the web. It compiles, concats and minifies your SCSS and JS files. It watches every step you make during the development and reloads your browser automaticly.

forked from / inspired by:

generator-h5package - a Yeoman generator created by Sanchez3. It would make sence to visit this repo to find additional information about the little brother of generator-h5package.


generator-h5package is great, but it has "too many" prebuild dependancies / imports and is too customized. It also doesnot provide enough scaffolding possibilities... (in my oppinion)...


npm install -g yo - install Yeoman

npm install -g generator-go4simple - install the generator

npm install -g generator-go4simple@1.0.0 - install certain version of the generator

create a project folder and access it via terminal.

run yo go4simple and follow the instructions.


npm uninstall -g generator-go4simple - uninstall the generator


npm run start - run dev environment

npm run build - build project / create dist directory

create new HTML file:

yo go4simple:html

Please rerun dev environment.


MIT License