A Yeoman generator for installing and configuring Gulp

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A Yeoman generator for installing and configuring Gulp.

Gulp-taskbook installs Gulp and a few useful plugins, so you can quickly start your new project.


Make sure you have Node and npm installed. Then install Yeoman and generator:

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-gulp-taskbook

Create a new directory for your project:

mkdir my-new-project
cd my-new-project

Now you can install and configure Gulp with:

yo gulp-taskbook

Usage and tasks


Make sure that you know how UnCss and MQPacker plugins work. Without proper consideration they may break your CSS. Remember that you can easily remove them from gulpfile.js, if you don't need them or you aren't sure how to use them.

All Gulp tasks

  • watch - Task to start Browsersync, watch files and run other tasks when file change.
  • js - Task to handle transpilation (with babel), concatenation and minification.
  • jsLint - Task to lint javascript with ESLint.
  • css - Task to compile SCSS files.
  • cssLint - Task to lint SCSS files with stylelint.
  • image - Task to handle images optimization.
  • html - HTML minification.
  • htmlLint - Task to lint HTML with htmllint.
  • reloadHtml - Task to force Browsersync to reload the page.

Tools used in the tasks

Code quality

You can check code with ESLint:

npm run eslint


MIT © Paweł Halczuk