Scaffold a hapijs, mongoose REST api.

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Hapi REST API generator (generator-hapi-rest-api) Build Status

Yeoman generator

This generator generates a simple REST api using hapijs framework. Just follow the generator instructions and create your own api.

API setup

  • Framework: Hapijs
  • Database: Mongodb via mongoose
  • Documenation: swagger via hapi-swagger plugin

API structure

  • Server definition: /lib/index.js (Plugins, ports, etc.)
  • Version 1 of api as plugin: /lib/v1/index.js (routes, params, validations, etc.)
  • Joi validation schema for post and put route: /lib/v1/schemas/modelSchema.js
  • Mongoose model: /lib/v1/models/modelModel.js
  • Request handler: /lib/v1/handlers/*.js (get, post, put, delete handlers)

Getting started (sample address api):

npm install -g generator-hapi-rest-api

mkdir address_rest_api
cd address_rest_api

yo hapi-rest-api

? Would is the name of your resource? (address) 
? What are the fields of the resource? (street:string,street_number:number,postcode:number,city:string,is_deleted:bool) 
? On what port do you want this api to listen? (8500) 
? What is the name of your project? (address_rest_api) 
? What is the name of the db collection? (addresses) 
? What is the url of your db instance? (localhost:27017) 
? What is the git url of this project? (<github_user>/<project_name>) 

node index

go to http://localhost:8500/documentation

What's next?

  • todo: add acceptance tests
  • todo: use npm config module
  • todo: add authentication
  • add subgenerators for new routes, models, schemas, ...