A generator for Yeoman used by the USGS EHP HazDev team.

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Build Status

A web application generator for Yeoman used by the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program "HazDev" team.

Getting started

  • Install dependencies:
    npm install -g yo generator-hazdev-webapp
  • Create a project:
    mkdir project
    cd project
    yo hazdev-webapp
  • Initialize your repository
    git init
    git add .gitignore
    git commit -m 'Set list of files to ignore.'
    git add --all
    git commit -m 'Initial project scaffolding.'

Road Map

Here are the list of things to be done on this generator. They will probably only be implemented as needed unless there is copious amounts of free time made available.

  1. Add support for optionally including Leaflet for generating application scaffolding that require interactive maps.
  2. Update default set of tests in generate application to be more comprehensive.
  3. Add testing coverage reports etc... for generated application.