EPAM Headless Commerce Accelerator for Sitecore Experience Commerce

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Headless Commerce Accelerator Scaffold

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The Headless Commerce Accelerator scaffold is a generator based on Yeoman. It is designed to simplify and unify initial solution setup of Headless Commerce Accelerator. It can save you time on configuration on early stages of the project.

Sitecore Versions

  • 9.3 Initial Release


  • Generate a repository with a Headless Commerce Accelerator code with replaced solution name.
  • Generate a partial layer solution: Foundation, Foundation & Feature, Foundation & Feature & Project


See readme of Headless Commerce Accelerator

Initial generation

  1. There are two possible ways to get generator:
    1. [] npm i generator-hca
    2. [Manual]
      • Clone repository or update to current version, if you have it already.
      • In repository %ROOT%\generators run Powershell (as Administrator) command npm link and gulp default
  2. Navigate to a location where you usually store your projects. Create a directory with a customer name (by default folder name would be used as a solution name. Do not include spaces or any special characters in it)
  3. Inside the folder run following PS command (again as Administrator) and follow instructions of the generator.
npm i yo -g
npm i generator-hca -g
yo hca
  1. Follow the generator instructions.


It is possible to run generation once again. Yeoman will detect conflicts and provide you with options to discard or override changes.


If you had some issues during installation, you have ideas or feedback, please, post them to GitHub issues section of this project