Headless Drupal, Angular app, and Behat framework.

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Scaffold a headless Drupal backend, Angular app client, and Behat tests

Hedley is a yeoman generator that scaffolds a headless Drupal backend, Angular app client, and Behat tests. Its a great starting point for learning and developing fully decoupled websites, that follow best practices, and includes automatic testing using Behat.

Getting Started


  • Yo (npm install -g yo)
  • Drush
  • Composer installed globally, for Behat dependencies to be setup


To install generator-hedley from npm, run:

npm install -g generator-hedley

As we generate not only a Web app but also add behat and other scripts make sure to create a project directory.

mkdir my-hedley-project
cd my-hedley-project

Finally, initiate the generator:

yo hedley


You can scaffold a new app with no user interaction, for example:

yo hedley --skip-install --project-name=skeleton --github-repo= --db=skeleton --db-user=root --db-pass=root --drupal-url=http://localhost/skeleton/www

Pantheon's Could Integration

Integrated into hedley an automated scripts for "Pantheon’s Cloud Integration", The scripts are initiated through pantheon.yml and do the following:

  • Sanitization for the DEV database when cloned from TEST or LIVE environments (Basically replaces all domains in user's emails to @test).
  • Revert all features, The features will be reverted on each deploy to the DEV.

You can add or remove operations by editing pantheon.yml file in the root of the project.


In order to develop generator-hedley and provide pull requests the following steps should be taken:

  1. Git clone your fork locally.
  2. npm install inside the new directory
  3. npm link - This makes your local system sync with the changes you make
  4. mkdir skeleton
  5. Inside the new directory, initiate yo hedley, and make sure to keep the default project name to skeleton
  6. cp
  7. Edit and point the the GENERATOR_FOLDER variable to the place where generator-hedley is located
  8. From now on, you may easily sync back your changes back to the forked generator-hedley by executing ./