A generator for Yeoman

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A generator for Yeoman.

It generates the basic structure of an html parser in node.js.

Useful if you are doing scraping with node.js.

Getting Started

How to install it

To install generator-html-parser from npm, run:

$ npm install -g generator-html-parser

How to use it

  1. mkdir facebook-html-parser && cd $_
  2. yo html-parser

That's it!

How to customize it to parse any html string you need

The main file is <site-name>-html-parser.js.

It contains two methods

  1. parse(html,url): it receives as input the html (string) to parse and an url (string), useful if you need to resolve some relative url with the node module Url (already imported)
  2. getNextPages(html,url): to get the urls of next pages to surf. Usually useful when you are scraping a list of pages. Still, it takes as input the html (string) to parse, and the url (string) to resolve eventually urls extracted from the html.


The generated code contains code for testing as well. Have a look at the folder test/

Details of implementation

It is based on cheerio to parse the html.

Cheerio is like jQuery, but faster.

$ = cheerio.load(html);

$('.item').each(function() {
    var el=$(this);


MIT License