HTML Email boilerplate generator for Yeoman

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A Yeoman generator to create HTML emails with built-in support for SCSS, image optimization, CSS inlining, test email delivery and more.

Based on Marco Solazzi's grunt-email-boilerplate.



  • Node.js >= 0.8.11 (install wiki)
  • Yeoman >= 1.0.0 (npm install -g yo)
  • Ruby >= 1.8.7 (installers)
  • Compass >= 0.12.2 (gem install compass)
  • Premailer >= 1.7.3 (gem install premailer and, most of the time, gem install hpricot)

Getting Started

To install generator-htmlemail from npm, run:

$ npm install -g generator-htmlemail

Then, initiate the generator in an empty directory with:

$ yo htmlemail



This generator will ask you a few questions about your project before scaffolding the file structure. Here's a summary of what each question is used for:

[?] What's the project name?

Used in the generated package.json file as the name of the project, by default this is the folder name.

[?] What template do you want to use?

Enter the URL of the boilerplate HTML file you want to use for your email, this can be the "raw" version of a github file or gist. Defaults to a modified version of HTML Email Boilerplate.

[?] What's your production domain?

Used by the premailer task to rewrite your assets url, e.g:

<img src="/img/sample.jpg" />


<img src="" />

[?] Select the SMTP host to use when sending test emails

Used to set up the nodemailer transport service.

[?] What's your SMTP server username and passsword?

Used to authenticate with the SMTP service.

[?] What's the name and email of the test email recipient?

The name and email address of the account where the test email will be sent.


Sources are located in the app folder:

  • index.html: HTML boilerplate
  • scss/: SCSS folder
    • style.scss: main stylesheet
  • img: source images of your email
  • css: destination folder of compiled SCSS sources

Default Tasks

The generator comes with some predefined tasks to cover average email development needs.

dev Task

This task runs a watch trigger for changes to the scss folder and starts a static HTTP server at http://localhost:8000 pointing to the app folder. The browser will reload automatically (thanks to the livereload task) upon changes to your SCSS or HTML files.

build Task

This task creates a build from your sources. It creates a folder named dist next to app, then compiles your SCSSes and inlines the resulting stylesheet in the HTML source through Premailer. Finally it starts a static HTTP server at http://localhost:8000 pointing to the dist folder.

Images are optimized with jpegtran and OptiPNG.

send Task

This task sends the compiled email to any configured recipient. This basically performs the same actions as the build task only that instead of running a static HTTP server it'll try to send the actual email.

Yeoman will ask you for your email transport settings and recipients on startup but if you wish to further customize these options refer to the nodemailer tasks in Gruntfile.js.

Tasks Customization

See Gruntfile.js source for more options and customizations.


Feel free to submit bugs or pull requests, just make sure to target the develop branch and follow the same coding style.


MIT License