Generator for a react app using typescript, redux and other goodies.

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Yeoman generator for a React project

Creates a React project based on create-react-app with added extras like Redux, Typescript, Thunk and testing.


This project was created to provide a starting point for a basic React project. While create-react-app currently services part of this need it doesn't generally go far enough to providing tools that will be required for anything but the most basic web app.

It should be noted that this project is extremely opinionated. There are many ways that this kind of setup could be achieved with a different set of modules etc, this is simply one that we know works and can promote a clean application build.

Getting Started

Ensure you have Yeoman installed:

yarn global add yo

Clone this project:

git clone

Link the generator to Yeoman:

yarn link

Navigate to the directory you wish to start the project in:

cd myapp

Run the generator:

yo ie-react --force

... and follow the prompts.

Component Generation

Run the generator:

yo ie-react:component

... and follow the prompts.

Future Enhancements

  • Placeholder Style Guide page