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A Yeoman generator for AngularJS modules.

Getting Started

What's Yeoman you say? Check out their page. We'll wait here.


There are a handful of generators out there for scaffolding out AngularJS apps. This is not one of those. Here we're concerned with building small and focused modules. I.e. the stuff that lives in your bower_components folder.


At a high level the final structure looks like this:

+-- src
|   +-- scripts
|   |   +-- services
|   |   |   +-- *-foo.js
|   |   +-- module.js
|   +-- styles (optional)
|   |   +-- main.less
+-- test
|   +-- spec
|   |   +-- services
|   |   |   +-- *-foo.js
|   |   .jshintrc
+-- .editorconfig
+-- .gitignore
+-- .jscsrc
+-- .jshintrc
+-- .travis.yml
+-- gruntfile.js
+-- package.json

The resulting gruntfile.js has tasks for building, linting, jscs-ing, less-ifying + cssmin-ifying (if you choose to include styles), and watching everything to do what it needs automatically.

Installation and Usage

This generator lives under the name generator-ivh-angular-module:

npm install -g generator-ivh-angular-module

Once you have it you can just run the following to get started:

yo ivh-angular-module

Then follow the prompts. The generator will place files directly into the directory it was invoked from, it will also make guesses at things like your module's name based on the name of that directory.